Squeeze Chute

Make life easy with the Squeeze Chute from Real Tuff.


Every cattleman needs a squeeze chute in their stationary set up. Our standard deluxe model includes everything you need to make working cattle a breeze. Includes an automatic reset head gate, blinders, butt-bar, palpation cage and slick door.

Livestock Materinity Pen

Livestock Materinity Pen


Livestock Materinity Pen



  • Parallel axis sides
  • Adjusts from 32″ to 16″
  • Smooth open/close drop blinder bars
  • Ribbed checker-plate floor
  • Pallet fork hooks at the top for easy transportation
  • Dimensions: 12′ x 42″  2,000 lbs.

Optional Items:

Best Features:

  • Automatic head gate (spring-cushioned)
  • Full open side (for maximum room to work on animal)
  • Quick advance butt-bar to help move animals forward to head gate

The squeeze adjusts from 16″ to 32″.
With parallel sides, both sides come in evenly; so cattle are not pushed over.

• Quick advance bar butt-bar makes it
easier to position stubborn cattle.

• Bottom doors also swing open.

• Bottom doors swing open.
• Both side panels open fully.

• Brisket bar to prevent cattle from dropping down in the chute. (Optional)

• Slick Bi-fold alley gate that can be operated from either side or from the front


Livestock Chute Cart

Chute carts make transportation a breeze and can easily be handled by one man.
(Chute cart sold separately)


Video below shows the Real Tuff portable system demonstrating the Squeeze Chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub.

The Squeeze chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub can be d individually or as a portable unit.

View our Real Tuff portable handling system page

At Real Tuff we strive to keep up with current trends and adapting to changing customers needs. Please keep in mind that the equipment shown in this video may have been updated or slightly modified since filming to meet our customers needs.

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