Real Tuff Equipment Reviews

We love hearing from our customers about how our equipment stands up to their herds. Here are some recent reviews from farmers just like you.



Complete Portable System Reviews


“Very pleased with our new system. Delivered yesterday and we are very impressed with the entire system, sales people, and delivery. Looking forward to getting to work cattle in a safe portable environment Saturday morning. Thanks guys!” – Ken J. from North Carolina


“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS CHUTE!! I want to thank you for making an incredible product. It is so kid and husband friendly lol. We never missed one cow or calf today preconditioning. Our crew includes kids aged 16, 15, 12, 10 and 2. There was not one instance of a cow doing something wrong. It just all flowed so well. I loved that I could run the chute, give shots, and let the next cow in and the crew/kids kept cows coming to me. I felt so SAFE- a cow wasn’t coming up out of the chute or jumping out of the alley or tub. The neck extenders were awesome. Everything is welded and strong. I never had to worry about where the kids were when a spunky cow came through. Thank you again for an amazing product. And whoever came up with the fiberglass butt bar with the latching dogs on the side and the new slick door at the back of the chute needs a raise in pay - awesome idea. Well, thank you again for making an amazing product and video!!!”
-Wendy H. from North Dakota

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Squeeze Chute Reviews


"My overall impression is that the equipment is well constructed, easy to operate, and adaptable to multiple situations (treating cattle in the field, sorting cattle, pregnancy exams, loading cattle directly for the field). There are grease fitting on all movable parts which not all chutes have. It can be set up with an EID reader and scale system." - Al C. from Vermont


"WOW!! All I can say after working cows and calves yesterday with our local vet is your chute was every thing you said it would be. Simple, safe, and strong! Plus easy to learn and a pleasure to operate." - Nathan L. from North Dakota


"Last year I bought a maternity calving pen. I liked the product so much I bought the portable system for my small operation. My neighbor then bought just a Real Tuff squeeze chute. He says it is the best mechanical chute he has ever worked with. Thanks for your products at a reasonable price." - Kevin F. from North Dakota

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"Love it. We got in the barn and put back together by 2:00 on Saturday. Thank you again." - Chris H. from South Dakota



"The Real Tuff calving pen is the most useful thing I have ever bought for my farm!" - Jay R. from Illinois


"First Calf and the Pen Worked Great!!" -Chris Langer



"The New maternity pen Works Great!" -Austin
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Panel Reviews

panel reviews sa

Real Tuff standalones and corral panels were put to use at Dahlberg Farms. Bringing home the cows and calves for vaccinations was a breeze with our amazing equipment to help us; even for the last 8 head of cattle that needed extra "corraling"! - Tonya M. from South Dakota


“First of all, I would like to thank you for your quality work! Last year was the first time I ed, and I am very happy with the results. Secondly, I would like to more!”
– Katelyn R. from Minnesota
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We are continually looking at ways to improve our equipment because:

  1. We use this equipment ourselves being in the cow/calf business all our lives.
  2. Feedback from customers suggests new ideas! Some won't work, but some are really good ideas that we implement.
  3. Immediate hands-on research with our own cattle operation before putting new ideas into production.

So please email us at [email protected] to share your story!

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