Head Gate with Neck Extender by Real Tuff

Make life easy with the Head Gate with Neck Extender from Real Tuff.


Our neck extender option is an excellent choice for cattlemen who desire stability for implants, ear tagging, and neck shots. Extra bars are added onto the front of our automatic reset head gate as seen in the picture below.

***HEAD GATE PATENT NO: US 11,930,784 B2

Head Gate with Neck Extender

Head Gate Neck Extender Features:

  • Provides great access to the injection area
  • Holds head more secure for implants, ear tags, shots, etc.
  • All chutes are available with or without the Neck Extender
  • Can be worked from right or left side
  • Works automatically with self catch Head Gate

Importance of a Head Gate:

cattle head gate allows the cow’s head to pass through but blocks it’s shoulders. This position allows easy access to work cattle in the chute. Since we love our automatic reset head gate, it’s included standard on all squeeze chutesportable handling systemshoof trimming chutes and 1/4 circular maternity pens. At any rate, cattlemen can easily upgrade to a head gate with neck-extender option.

Welded for Strength:

Some customers ask if this can be added at a later date. Since this option is welded onto the head gate instead of bolted, upgrading requires a new head gate. Welding increases the strength and improves operator safety. If cattlemen choose to upgrade to a head gate with neck extender, just remove the current head gate and slip on the new one. However, many customers choose to a head gate with neck extender if neck stability is necessary.

Working Cattle:

While this piece accommodates a variety of cattle sizes ranging from calf to bull, we recommend cattlemen sort their herd first. Running calves together and then larger cattle later will save time and require less adjustments.

Real Tuff was honored when Storey Publishing approached us to feature our cattle head gate in Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals book.

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