Specs on the Real Tuff Cattle Adjustable Alley:

The straight split alley sits perfectly between the squeeze chute and no-corner tub. This unit is available in three different lengths to meet your specific cattle working needs. This is the same unit that is in our complete portable handling system.

8.5' Adjustable Alley

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Straight Cattle Adjustable Alleys – comes in 3 lengths:
8.5' x 37" 1100 lbs.
10.5' x 37" 1300 lbs.
17' x 37" 1900 lbs.
 Built-in no-back
 1 piece catwalk
 1 lever adjustment from 30" to 20"
 Reversible for catwalk to be on other side
 Drop panel for easier reach of animals

17' Adjustable Alley

Real Tuff
Straight Split Alleys

 Adjustable for a smoother flow

Cattle handling alley, cattle handling adjustable alley,

The adjustable width makes this piece versatile and easy to use regardless of what size your cattle are. This unit can accommodate large bulls and tiny calves equally as well. Some cattlemen prefer to add a splitting alley into their stationary set up to easily sort cattle as they work. This straight adjustable alley has hook-up spots located at both ends to easily attach to the next piece of equipment in your system. In addition, the hook-ups can also attach to our cattle panels so you can make a pen at the end of this unit. The no-corner tub is the perfect way to get your cattle into this alleyway.

Video Demo

Video below shows the Real Tuff portable system demonstrating the Squeeze Chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub.

The Squeeze chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub can be d individually or as a complete portable handling unit.

Real Tuff Hydraulic Chute, Tub and Alley

At Real Tuff we strive to keep up with current trends and adapting to changing customers needs. Please keep in mind that the equipment shown in this video may have been updated or slightly changed since filming to meet our customers needs.


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