Deluxe Drive Over Gates

Deluxe Drive Over Gates – ATV or Skid Steer

Benefits of our gate:

  • Eliminates the need to dismount the vehicle to pass through
  • Accommodates a 4 wheeler or ATV 
  • Replaces the need for cattle guards
  • Ensures livestock do not escape through a gate left open
  • Contains your livestock while passing through the gate
  • Baler belt on front to protect your vehicle
  • Gate is accessible from both sides


Dimensions of the Drive Over ATV:

  • Inside width:  81″
  • Inside height:  88.5″
  • Leg length:  6′
  • Height to top of gate:  89″
  • Weight:  Over 325#
  • Frame:  2 ⅜” Well Pipe

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This drive over ATV is a swinging gate with a spring mechanism that can be pushed over with a 4 wheeler or all terrain vehicle.  The gate automatically returns to the upright position without requiring the rider to dismount the vehicle.

Drive Thru ATV Gate Real Tuff

With it’s simple and reliable design, this gate is very easy to install.  Run the electric fence over the top of the gate or place between 2 fence posts.  Place this gate anywhere you enter the pasture or feed lot frequently.  Easy to move around to wherever you need it. 


Saves time and money! Speed up the time you spend doing chores! 

atv in action

Drive Over in Action!

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