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Real Tuff livestock equipment manufactures and supplies livestock handling equipment in USA. We are committed to sell quality livestock handling equipment. Their manufacturing goal is to produce livestock equipment that is:

Strong (Real Tuff)

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Quote from Mike Helstrom, Meadowlands, MN on 4/28/14…. “I bought panels over 20 years ago from you and they are still holding up!  I would like some more.”

My name is Dustin Wilcox and I recently d a Real Tuff chute, tub, and 16ft alley. Today we worked 73 cows and 66 calves with no problem. Below is a picture of my 5 year old son poking calves through on the catwalk of the alley. Great equipment!

Dustin Wilcox
Greenbrier, AR

Real Tuff Livestock Equipment

We love hearing from our customers about how our equipment stands up to their herds.

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What Makes “Real Tuff”
Outstanding in the
Livestock Handling Equipment field?

  1. Our livestock handling equipment is truly “Real Tuff!”  Look at our picture of the tractor on the panels above.
  2. The owners of the Livestock Handling Equipment are farmers/ranchers themselves.  They have done and do cows!  The livestock handling equipment is put to the test on an owner’s cows.
  3. Real Tuff sells a full line of livestock handling equipment including, cattle squeeze chutes, portable handling systems,cattle alley sections, cattle handling tubs, ¼ circular maternity pens, corral panels, bale feeders, stand alone panels, windbreak panels, Walk in gate panels, hoof trimming chutes, cattle scales with cattle ready livestock handling equipment, cattle loading chutes, splitting alleys, chute carts, panel carts  and much more.

Here are some outstanding features of our livestock equipment:


  • Weighs a ton
  • Parallel squeeze
  • Slick bi-fold alley gate
  • Heavy duty auto head gate
  • Palpation cage
  • Squeeze chute cart available



  • Unique No corner tub
  • Cat walk
  • 2 exits



  • Rancher safely protected with ratcheting gate
  • Heavy duty auto head gate
  • Nursing panel – calf can suck from either side
  • Lots of room for pulling a calf



  • 8,10,12,14,16, 20, 24 foot lengths, made of 12 gauge steel
  • 1 inch square tubing
  • 5 year guarantee against bulls and buffalos
  • Walk In gate panels – 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’ – can drive a 4 wheeler through 6’ long and longer panels
  • Feeder panels



  • 25’ long
  • 5 ½ ft tall
  • 800 to 1000 #’s
  • All saddle welded
  • 1” sucker rod



  • Available in a 2 or 3 way split
  • Can be placed anywhere in a stationary system
  • Available as right or left hand exit
  • Catwalk included
  • Door swings to sort either way and can be locked in either position


  • Easy fast adjustment
  • Drop down panel
  • No back
  • Cat walk
  • 8, 10, 16’ lengths available



  • Deluxe squeeze chute
  • Easy adjustable alley
  • 2 slick Bi-fold alley gates
  • Scale ready
  • No corner tub
  • Cat walk
  • Recessed hitch
  • Travels @ speed limit speed
  • From road to working ready in minutes



  • 25’ long
  • 9 ft tall
  • Approx 1000 lbs
  • 2 & 7/8  diameter oil well pipe
  • Saddle welds
  • 1” rough sawed boards
  • 5 ft extension feet on each side
  • No screws, nails or bolts



  • Heavy duty self catch head gate
  • Easy removable sides
  • Butt winch
  • Wide belt
  • 5 brake winches,
  • Excellent for Hoof trimming, DA’s, PG, AI, IV
  • Excellent for doctoring procedures



  • Portable or stationary available
  • 12’ long
  • Prodding slot
  • Side door closure
  • Molded rib floor for footing
  • Portable loading chute has winch lift which one man can operate

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