Tru-Test Scale: Indicators, Load Bars, and Platform



Tru-Test scale indicators are the fastest, accurate, most versatile and durable indicators in the world. They feature Superdamp™ technology to record accurate weights quickly, even with the liveliest animals. Within 3-6 seconds the weigh scales lock on a weight, and a bright stable light lets you know when it’s ready to be recorded. It features an auto zero function also ensures any left over animal dirt or manure is zeroed after the animal leaves the scale. Furthermore, Tru-Test indicators work with all Tru-Test load bars.

All Tru-Test scale indicators have:
Internal rechargeable battery
Mounting brackets
2-year warranty.
And all Tru-Test indicators feature:
IP67 environmental rating
Also 100% water and dust proof


EziWeigh5i Indicator

Ezi Weigh 5i
The new EziWeigh5i is for those who want a no-nonsense, entry level weigh scale indicator that does the basics brilliantly.

The no-nonsense EziWeigh5i is ideal for weighing situations where you want to quickly and easily collect the weights of your animals and don’t need to record additional data.

What’s so great about the EziWeigh5i?

It features the largest display screen on the market, so it’s easy to read in all conditions. Also, the high contrast display is clearly visible in the brightest daylight and the screen features an LED backlight for visibility in failing light or in dark sheds.

Since it’s 100% water and dust proof, the EziWeigh5i is up to the task for rugged, all weather conditions.

Tru-Test’s Superdamp™ III technology is at the heart of the EziWeigh5i, which allows you to receive accurate live animal weights quicker than any other weigh scale on the market (even with the liveliest animals).

As well as this, the EziWeigh5i includes convenient stable lighting to clearly show when weights can be noted, top quality load bar connectors. This ensures the quality and accuracy of your weigh system, and a fine weight mode for flexibility.

So there it is. The EziWeigh5i is simpler, easier to read, more accurate and robust than its predecessor – just what you need when collecting weights is your priority.

EziWeigh7i Indicator

Ezi Weigh 7i
First, with the capability to record information against Electronic ID (EID) or Visual tags, you can easily see and analyze individual animal performance and history. Replaceing guesswork with facts, the EziWeigh7i displays live weight gain since the previous session, then showing animal performance right there in the yard.

Using its built-in Bluetooth® technology, the EziWeigh7i wirelessly connects to Tru-Test’s EID readers, automatically sending the scanned ID’s straight into the weigh scale indicator, saving time and improving accuracy. Yet, the animal’s VID can be entered using the large and durable keypad.

The EziWeigh7i features Tru-Test’s proven Superdamp™ III technology, enabling you to record accurate live animal weights more quickly than any other weigh scale on the market, even for the liveliest animals.

New improved weighing – lock onto lively animals even faster
Efficient information collection with wireless connection to EID stick readers
Identify top and poor performers by monitoring and comparing weight gains
Capture traits to inform feed, breeding or heath management decisions
Also maximize output with fast weight lock and auto weight recording
Furthermore, easily download recorded information to your Windows computer, Android or Apple smartphone using Data Link

Load Bars

Tru-Test load bars are the most reliable, rugged and long-lasting available. They’re made of aircraft grade aluminum for ultimate resistance to corrosion, and can be used with any Tru-Test indicator.

Also, all Tru-Test Load Bars and Load Cells come with a 2-year warranty.

MP600 Load Bar Real Tuff

MP600 Load Bars

Versatile. For all animal types. Designed for use under a variety of single animal portable applications, including alleyway platforms, cages or small animal crates.

  • Versatile. Can be temporarily installed and when used with the lightweight Tru-Test aluminum platform can be easily transported between different weighing sites
  • Compatible. Can be used with any weigh scale in the Tru-Test range without calibration
  • Corrosion resistant. Zinc plated, gold passivated load bar housing for more corrosion resistance
  • Sealed load cell. Protects the load cell against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside
  • Also easy to set up. Simply requires a firm level surface and a rigid crate or platform


Tru-Test weigh platforms are built to perform in harsh environments. Therefore, it is corrosion resistant, and can be moved around to different pastures or weigh sites easily.

AP 600 Alleyway Platform - Real Tuff

AP 600 Alleyway Platform

Single animal platform to weigh livestock faster and safer.

Key Features

  • Low profile design
  • No sharp edges
  • Rubber mat secured to platform with aluminum plates on each end
  • 1/2″ rubber mat for traction and noise reduction
  • Also constructed of 1/4″ aluminum
  • For use with MP600 Load Bars or S1 Weigh System
  • For alleyway and portable applications
  • Size: 24″ x 87.5″ for use with MP600 load bars

Complete Sets

When considering your options we recommend ing the complete tru-test scale system that includes the indicator, load bars, and platform together. This ensures your weighing flows smoothly and everything works together. Lastly, this system fits nicely in our 8 ½’ adjustable alleyway and in the alley section of the complete portable system. Therefore, if you plan on using it in a different spot, please give us a call before ing to make sure it will work for you.

Contact us with your questions or to receive a quote.