Squeeze Chutes, Head Gates

Working with cattle can be frustrating and dangerous too, especially when you have the wrong equipment. Fussing with ropes or chains can harm both you and your cattle and small or low-quality head gates have always been cumbersome and time-consuming for ranchers and farmers. Real Tuff Squeeze chutes and head gates are built to last for every use, from ranching to vet clinic procedures,


Real Tuff squeeze chutes and head gates are built to last for every use, from ranching to vet clinic procedures. Our head gate works great on cattle of all weights, shapes, and sizes, adjustable to fit every size critter with a single turn of the handle! Now you can work cattle faster and more efficiently than ever before without wasting valuable time on equipment that slows you down!  Our squeeze chutes are designed for easy setup and operation.


Our head gates come with quick-release latches for fast removal from your animals. The squeeze chutes are made from a heavy-duty steel construction for years of reliable use. The heavy-duty metal latches allow for easy access when working with multiple animals at one time.  We also offer a variety of options when it comes to our squeeze chute design.


Real Tuff Squeeze chutes are so tough, the spring-loaded slick door at the back of the chute can stop the next animal in its tracks! Weighing over a ton, these squeeze chutes are heavily built for durability. With 30 grease zerks along its length (and a possible extra 10 just behind those), this is one sturdy piece of construction worth using day after day, because of how quickly they can be set up or taken down when needed below. Check out our Chutes and Head Gates below.