Livestock & Cattle Panels, Gates & Round Pens

Cattle Panels

Real Tuff cattle panels are built to last for years to come.

Horse & Livestock Panels
Above: 7-Bar Cattle Panels – Painted John Deere Green
Below: 6-Bar Walk-In Cattle Panel
Walk in Panel
  • All cattle panels are built with heavy duty 12 gauge, high quality, 1″ square tubing.
  • Standard 6 bar panel with 7 bar option
  • Products are standard unpainted
    but available painted for additional
  • We carry standard sizing panels and gates.
    (even sizes)
  • Corral Panels (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
  • Swinging Gates (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
  • Walk-In Panels (sizes: 4 to 14 ft) includes 6′ Gate (example 10′ WIP is 6′ Gate and 4′ Panel)
  • Creep Feeder Panels (sizes: 8 to 12 ft)
  • Skirted Feeder Panels (sizes: 6 to 12 ft)
  • Round Pens
Pens made with cattle panels and walk-insCattle Panels

Cattle PanelsCattle Panels

 24 ft. Continuous FencePanels Posts

Real Tuff

25 ft. Standalone PanelsHorse & Livestock Panels
  • Has 10′ leg span (see feet on windbreak)
  • Weights over 800 lbs
  • 5-½ feet tall
  • We utilize saddle welding to increase the strength of our standalone panels.

Our standalone and windbreak panels can stand freely and are convenient to move. They are known for being portable, simply drag or lift them to the new area or location.

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 25 ft. Windbreak PanelHorse & Livestock Panels
  • Includes wood boards
  • Has over 10’ leg span
  • 1,000 lbs
  • 25’ long
  • Approximately 9-1/2 feet tall
  • Our board spacing allows some air flow at a low velocity which protects animals farther out instead of using a solid wall which allows wind to go right over.
  • We utilize saddle welding to increase the strength of our windbreak panels.

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Drive Over ATV Gate
Example of how Tuff our Real Tuff panels really are!
Cattle Panels
Approximately 4000 #’s pressure
being applied to this panel
Strong Livestock Panels
This is a picture after the tractor was taken off of the panel.
Notice that the panel sprung back to its original shape!



Our portable system contains hook ups in to add our durable panels to any field for an immediate corral system.  Work your cattle with ease, confidence and safety.


If it doesn’t say Real Tuff,
it’s not “real-tuff”
Cattle Panels

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