Calf Tip Tables

Real Tuff Calf Table


Real Tuff calf tipping table comes with a self catch, auto return head gate. The head gate is activated and locked by the animals themselves.

Tip table locks in upright, 45°, and 90°. Three panels open on top and one large panel on bottom.

Designed with the ideas of safety, diversity and ease of use. Due to the tipping table being built with a quick open/close access roll gate and a self-catch/auto reset head gate, the animal can be worked in a timely manner.

The adjustable width ensures you can set the table to restrain and elevate your calf (up to 400 lbs). Cleats are provided at each end of the table to safely secure legs. Smooth, rolling slide gate closes and opens quickly and easily.

Features of Real Tuff Calf Table:

  • Self-Catching Head Gate
  • Options to lift/move with pallet forks
  • Tip Left or Right
  • Easy Tipping
  • Sides Come Down for Easy Access
  • Snap Shut Door
  • Bottom Side Comes Up For Easy Access
  • Self-Closing Doors
  • Tight Squeeze With Handle
  • Easy Open & Close Sliding Gate On Back
  • All Access On Both Sides
  • Multiple Tipping Options