Double Alley

Budget Friendly Double Alley!


The New Double Alley is a real Real Tuff side X side alley system featuring the latest technology in low-stress straight-line cattle handling. These systems can be paired with a Bud Box, Portable Corral System, or other existing corrals. It has a one-piece welded unit for ease in setup. Also, it can be used as a Portable System or Stationary Equipment in Length of 42 ft.

The Heavy Duty 3” X 3” Square Tube Framework and formed Wall Sheeting adds wall strength & creates reduced noise.
The cattle are contained in the alley by the adjustable NO-BAK System. There are 3 NO-BAKs in each alley and are Adjusted with Hydraulic Cylinders, as well as, adjustable NO-BACK stops per 19′ of Alley. Providing ease of operation & added durability.

The Hydraulic Cylinders are operated by a valve mounted on the front of the unit. The Hydraulic System is powered by a Hand Operated Pump, Farm Machinery, or Hydraulic Power Pack.
The Alley Adjustment by one step slide adjuster can be easily operated by one person. Simple 1 Step Alley Width Adjustment throughout the unit Including the Merge Section. Alley sheeting is kept low to reduce stress on stock and also provide excellent workability for the handler. Additionally, alley walls are rubber mounted & silicone insulated for reduced noise and are kept low to reduce stress on stock and also provide excellent workability.

The Removable Axle Assemblies allow units to be placed firmly on the ground. Creating a hazard-free work environment. Plus, the system includes hydraulic jacks to Raise/Lower unit from the Work Position to the Transport Position. The Hitch Assembly can be quickly folded out of the way or completely removed from the unit. Also, the double alley features an adjustable height 2-5/16 Ball Coupler or Clevis Tang & Safety Chains.

Not to mention, Real Tuff is a family-owned company that builds a full line of quality Livestock Handling Equipment. This equipment has a reputation of being built to last years of demanding use. Our products include Portable Working Systems, Portable Tub, and Alley System, Portable Loading Chute, Portable Side X Side Alley System, Stationary Squeeze Chutes, Headgates, Variety of Alleys, & Crowding Tubs. We proudly manufacture our products in Milbank, SD. Which are available at our dealers throughout the Midwest! Contact us for more information on your Real Tuff Double Alley.

Double Alley RealtuffDouble AlleyDouble Alley Realtuff side Xside XHydraulic Cylinders  Hydraulic System