Livestock Standalone Panels

Are you and your cattle prepared for whatever comes your way? Our heavy duty livestock standalone panels are 25’ long and weigh approximately 800 pounds. They are a great addition to any farm yard!

Foremost, we use these panels on our own farm and highly recommend them to all of our customers. These panels help make your corral system portable and adjustable. We set up the system below just prior to vaccinating our herd. Our new farm help were all impressed with how quickly this pen went together and just how useful it was.

livestock standalone panels

What are standalone panels?

A standalone panel is a panel that provides many uses. You can make a heavy duty pen, create a holding area quickly, design a quick alleyway, and so much more! Sounds very basic right? Real Tuff’s Standalone Panels are:

check-mark-black-bkg   25 feet long

check-mark-black-bkg   Have over 5 foot leg span

check-mark-black-bkg   Weight around 800 to 1,000 pounds

check-mark-black-bkg   Approximately 5 1/2 feet tall.

When you are looking for standalone panels you need something strong and heavy to withstand the strongest animals and extreme elements. We utilize saddle welding when manufacturing these panels.

Benefits of a Standalone Panel

Livestock Standalone Panels are durable and useful. Therefore, many farmers buy these panels for a multitude of uses.

Moreover, these panels are made from heavy duty steel material. In addition, they can be installed and connected with each other to create different sections.

Our standalone panels can stand freely and are convenient to move. They are known for being portable, simply drag or lift them to the new area or location. Above all, most tractor pallet forks can handle carrying five heavy duty panels at a time.

Contact Real Tuff Equipment any time to receive a quote or with any questions you may have. By the same token, we love talking about our equipment!