Livestock & Cattle Panels, Gates & Round Pens

Horse & Livestock Panels
Above: 7-Bar Panel – Painted John Deere Green
Below: 6-Bar Walk-In Panel
Custom Orders can be made!
Walk in Panel
All cattle panels are built with heavy duty
12 gauge, high quality, 1″ square tubing.
Standard 6 bar panel with 7 bar option
Products are standard unpainted
but available painted for additional
Panels and Gates come in standard sizing
(even sizes)


Corral Panels (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
Swinging Gates (sizes: 6 to 24 ft)
Walk-In Panels (sizes: 4 to 14 ft)
Creep Feeder Panels (sizes: 8 to 12 ft)
Skirted Feeder Panels (sizes: 6 to 12 ft)
Round Pens

Pens made with cattle panels and walk-insCattle PanelsCattle Panels 24 ft. Continuous FencePanels Posts

Windbreak Panel

 25 ft. Standalone PanelsHorse & Livestock Panels

  • Has 10′ leg span (see feet on windbreak)
  • Weights over 800 lbs
  • 5-½ feet tall

 25 ft. Windbreak PanelHorse & Livestock Panels

  • Includes wood boards
  • Has over 10’ leg span
  • 1000 lbs
  • 25’ long
  • Approximately 9-1/2 feet tall
  • Our board spacing allows some air flow at a low velocity which protects animals farther out instead of using a solid wall which allows wind to go right over.
Example of how Tuff our Real Tuff panels really are!
Cattle Panels
Approximately 4000 #’s pressure
being applied to this panel
Strong Livestock Panels
This is a picture after the tractor was taken off of the panel.
Notice that the panel sprung back to its original shape!
If it doesn’t say Real Tuff,
it’s not “real-tuff”
Cattle Panels

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