Portable Handling System

Portable Handling System includes:

    • 8’ No Corner Crowding Tub
    • 9’ Adjustable Alley
    • Squeeze chute with Palp cage
    • Automatic or manual head gate
    • Cat walk on tub and alley
    • Cat walk on tub removable for easy hauling
    • Optional Items:
      Brisket Bar

      Neck Extender
    • Dimensions: 36’ L x 8.5’ W & 4’ W x 6.5’ H
    • Weight: 5,300 lbs.
 Portable Handling System

The fast & easy way to move to remote pastures & yards.

Portable Handling SystemPortable Handling System (6)Portable Handling System (7)
  • Simply remove the wheels and you are ready to work.
  • You can lower and raise the portable handling system with 3 different options:
    1. You can use a forklift or tractor and loader to lift it up or down.
    2. You can use a handy man jack.  The connections are already on the portable unit for this.
    3. You can order it with jacks for an additional charge. We offer manual or electric jacks.
  • Self-locking, quick-attach hitch.
  • Standard removable panel transporting brackets.
Portable Handling System (8)

  • Neck extender holds head more secure for implants, ear tags, shots, etc.
Portable Handling System (9)

  • Alley adjusts from 20″ to 32″
  • Catwalk on straight alley.
Portable Handling System (10)Portable Handling System (11)Portable Handling System (12)
  • Standard extra-large tub
  • Full Catwalk around tub
  • No corner tub easily directs the flow of cattle to the alley
  • Enclosed sides make cattle feel safe

Video below shows the Real Tuff portable handling system demonstrating the Squeeze Chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub.

The Squeeze chute, the Adjustable Alley and the No Corner Tub can be purchased individually or as a portable unit.

At Real Tuff we strive to keep up with current trends and adapting to changing customers needs. Please keep in mind that the equipment shown in this video may have been updated or slightly changed since filming to meet our customers needs.