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Livestock Panels & Round Pen Panels

Whether you are purchasing new livestock panels or you are simply replacing your old or broken pen panels, think about these new panels as an investment.  Round pens in particular seem to crop up just about anywhere there are horses around.

Horse panels are used to create smaller pens that are mostly used for training purposes. Choosing the right round pen panels can make all the difference in the quality of your round training pen.

Round Pens

Choosing the right round pen livestock panels can make all the difference.  With the tough weather conditions, in addition to the wear and tear from the livestock, you will need pen panels that are heavy-duty and can take a beating.

Round pens are used for keeping horses contained in a smaller area rather than out in the pasture.   For horses, round pens are often used for training purposes.  The smaller area, typically 30 foot round or larger, helps the horse to focus on the task at hand with the trainer.

Horse Panels

The horse panels needed for a round pens are heavy-duty metal bar fences.  The livestock panels you will find at Real Tuff Livestock Equipment are going to be 25-foot long panels that feature one inch thick bars.  Each panel will include six bars across as our standard panel, with a seventh bar that is optional to give it more height.  The option of having six or seven bars high will allow you more flexibility in the height of fence you need for your horses.

With a variety of uses and many pen types, there is a great amount of information you should research prior to purchasing this heavy-duty type of fencing.  This is an investment in your livestock and farming business that will last for many years to come.  Choosing the right horse pen panels will set you up for success by providing your horses a more focused place to train and perfect their skills.