3-Way Splitting Alley

Specs on the 3 Way Splitting Alley from Real Tuff:

3 Way Splitting Alley   3-Way Splitting Alley 3-way exit
 Adjustable width
• Spring loaded divider panel
• 1-piece construction
• Can be placed anywhere
in a stationary system
3 Way Splitting AlleyPro AL Split (3-Way Splitting Alley)
 Easily adjusts from 30″ to 20″ when used as alley
 Available in left or right hand exits

 Spring loaded return gate for quick and easy sorting from a distance
 Rope and pulley system

The 3 way splitting alley from Real Tuff Livestock Equipment is an excellent addition to any livestock operation. It features one-piece construction that versatility allows it to be placed anywhere in a stationary handling system.  This alley is available as either a right or left hand exit with an adjustable width and a spring loaded divider panel.  The rope and pulley system affords greater safety to handlers and helps get the job done more efficiently.

As always, construction and material of this equipment is tested and approved by the experts at Real Tuff. We know livestock equipment.  We know you need tough material and our 3 way splitting alley goes above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional results.

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